Bad Breeding - you want a puppy? <br/>Remember Diesel

Help stop the cycle of suffering


 RIP Diesel, August 2007 - 15th September 2011


This is a website dedicated to a very special dog, Diesel our Rottweiler. It is designed as an educational tool, to show people the reality behind backyard bred, pet shop and puppy farmed dogs.


We want to share his long journey, his pain and our pain in the hope that we can make a difference to the number of people breeding without thought of the future.


  • I want to show people that genetic problems CAN BE SO SEVERE THEY SENTENCE OUR PETS TO AN EARLY GRAVE. That they reduce dogs down to cripples, that we, the owners, spend every last cent we have to ensure our pets have the best and yet we cannot win against the immense problems PEOPLE CREATE.
  • I want people to learn to get their puppies from registered, ethical breeders who health test their dogs and breed from the best, or rescue dogs from pounds/breed rescues if you want to save a life.
  • I want people to think before they breed their random dogs or even reconsider the whole exercise.
  • I want people to know what the puppy buyers and rescuers endure with an ill bred dog.
  • I want people to stop randomly breeding to make money, to experience the 'joy of birth' without considering the far reaching consequences.
  • I want people to stop breeding dogs of dubious health status or making up one parents shortcomings with a supposed 'perfect' partner.


There are no GOOD reasons to breed untested, unpapered dogs of unknown heritage, to crossbreed, to make a quick dollar from a litter. No reason but GREED, IGNORANCE AND CALLOUSNESS


 In his scant two years of life, Diesel has suffered from

- Hip Dysplasia of both hips

- Elbow Dysplasia of both elbows

- Arthritis pain and arthritic changes in both hips and elbows

- Weak immune system which led to Parvovirus for almost a month

- Collapsing Hock

- Allergies to food, household chemicals, detergents, flea bite allergies

- Skin and upper ear canal infections after allergic attacks

- Poor conformation and oversize for his breed


Why am I making this website? To share with everyone the story. The story of a dog that has not long to live. I came home yesterday from working in another city for a week and he had suddenly deteriorated so quickly. My baby will probably not survive in comfort too much longer and we will have to make that decision to take him to the vet when his quality of life gone.


Every day is now becoming harder and harder for Diesel to cope. The strain of carrying his 47kg frame around is taking a toll on his ever suffering joints and we are now waiting for the day his quality of life diminishes and he has to be given his wings. Every day is a worry, if today will be the day his legs cannot carry him any more. I fret leaving him, that he may be alone when that moment comes...



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Diesel is not the first to experience this and will not be the last. Not long after Diesel's Parvovirus incident I had to euthanise one of my other dogs from similar problems. His name was Krueger, a beautiful German Shepherd who I had to put to sleep lying in my arms on his second birthday.

The breeder is known to me and I curse his name -

his negligence meant I had to lose my darling boy all too soon.


 From an emaciated, sick, gangly pup at 13 months old on his first day at my home




 To this handsome lad a few months later. I only had the joy of knowing my beautiful boy for a year before we could do no more then let him fly free.

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 Especially those looking to buy a dog, or breed their own.